Wellington OpenGov Leadership Forum - 12 April 2018

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Wellington OpenGov Leadership Forum - 12 April 2018

New Zealand
Event Details:
Wellington OpenGov Leadership Forum - 12 April 2018
Intercontinental Wellington
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Driving the future of digital government

Event Date:
April 12, 2018
Ellen Quek
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Venue Location

Intercontinental Wellington

The Venue details have yet to be announced.


Agenda Information

Who should attend?

  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Chief Data Officers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • IT Directors
  • Assistant Directors
  • Vice Chancellors
  • Director, E-Learning & IT Services
  • Director, Health Information
  • Head, Health Analytics

Topics Covered

  • Cyber Security    
  • Big Data Analytics 
  • Predictive Analytics 
  • Video Analytics
  • Smart Cities        
  • Gov Cloud       
  • Data Privacy
  • Data Security   
  • Digital Identity 
  • Data Centers                   
  • BYOD                
  • Mobility
  • IOT
  • Public Engagement
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Identity Management
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Machine Learning
  • Open Government
  • Open Innovation

Event Summary

4/12/18 8:00 am to 3/12/18 5:00 pm GMT+12:00

Location: Intercontinental Wellington2 Grey Street, Wellington 6011, New Zealand

The digital revolution happening around the world today is changing how we live, work and interact, and the pace of change is accelerating.

As new technologies are emerging, the expectations of citizens for more convenient, accessible and integrated public services are also rising. They’re becoming used to private sector organisations providing online services such as banking, shopping and booking travel via any device at any time, and want the same from government.



Slide from Tim Occleshaw's presentation at Canberra OpenGov Leadership Forum 2017 (Department of Internal Affairs, New Zealand)

We are also witnessing global migration on a massive scale which means populations are changing with different demographics and needs.

It is vital governments figure out how to fit into this changing world, overcome the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities so it can meet these expectations. They need to work in new ways, provide the right environment for transformation to take place, and change how they use information and technology to deliver better services in a constantly shifting environment.

New Zealand has been recognised internationally as a digital leader. We are part of Digital5 (a group of leading digital nations including Estonia, Israel, the United Kingdom, South Korea and New Zealand which has been set up to strengthen the digital economy) and chair the OECD e-Leaders Forum which works to promote and share lessons around digital government.

We have also been recognised by the Fletcher School at Tufts University in the US, which ranks countries for their digital competitiveness and potential digital economic growth, as a ‘stand out’ digital government nation.

Our Better Public Services programme has already sparked many digital initiatives across the public sector, such as an online passport application process (a world first) and SmartStart, a website where expectant parents can access a wide range of information and services in one place. New Zealanders can also pay for vehicle licences, tolls, road user charges and fines online. However we need to do more in this area and pick up the pace, while exploring our citizens’ changing needs and expectations of us.



Screenshots from SmartStart website (Image added by OpenGov editorial team for illustration purposes)

We have to work together to join up our services, creating them around people - not agencies - so the public can access them when and where they need them. Digital platforms will also result in greater collaboration between government and citizens, giving people more opportunity to participate in decision-making and more influence over the way their services are delivered.

In addition, we need to accelerate our investment in innovation, take advantage of digital technologies, make information more accessible (while maintaining privacy and security) and ensure our people have the right expertise to fundamentally change the way we deliver our services.

The goal, set out in our Result Action Plan launched in August 2017, is to see 80% of transactions for the twenty most common public services carried out digitally by 2021.

The Wellington OpenGov Leadership Forum 2018 brings international digital leaders, government experts and industry professionals together to address the most important issues surrounding the future of digital government and the role of the public sector.

You will have access to innovative case studies and interactive discussions on Cloud, cyber security, government analytics, big data, Internet of Things, mobility, artificial intelligence and many more topics with peers and luminaries, as well as emerging and established organisations.

The forum, offering a full day of valuable insights and networking opportunities, plays an integral role in keeping digital professionals connected, educated, engaged and inspired.


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