Jobs app to boost employment for Filipino blue-collar workers

The target market for this app may not be technologically savvy but they make up 50% of the country’s workforce, which is a substantial number of skilled workers. They are called “trabahunters” because they are highly trained for work, and always on the lookout for employment opportunities.

Blockchain to secure NSW’s digital license

The digital licence initiative of the NSW Government will be underpinned by a blockchain technology, which was developed by an Australian firm. The company revealed a new platform that it is calling TrustGrid. According to the report released, it is one of the key architectural components of the electronic vehicle licence, which is expected to […]

Power Up!

The virtual power plant adopts cloud-based demand management software to optimise solar and battery use.

Technology can make the Philippines a hub in the region

There is an urgent need to work on a long-term plan and spending more to improve the education system. Higher education institutions should be given incentives and a strong mandate to hasten the curriculum upgrade in preparation for AI and for higher technology adaptation in the country.