How Thailand is bringing technology to the table

Thailand, one of the largest net food exporters in the world, is revolutionising the food industry through its use of innovative tech solutions and research. Being the first Southeast Asian nation to adopt agriculture biotechnology, now big companies are experimenting with robotics, automated sensors and drone technology to increase yields and cut production costs.

E-payment business booms in Hong Kong

The head of a leading IT solutions provider shares an optimistic view of the future of technology in Hong Kong, urging the Hong Kong government to continue its push to keep adopting new and innovative e-payment methods and other technological advancements in AI.

BPO unit launched in Assam under Digital India initiative

Digital India has transformed the BPO sector. BPOs were earlier confined to urban areas and cities; now because of the digital revolution, the sector has spread to smaller towns and villages, creating more employment opportunities for people that are closer to home.

Deepening Singapore-Sichuan Innovation Relations

As Sichuan begins its next phase of economic transformation and the Belt and Road Initiative takes shape, the Singapore Government inks 22 MoUs to build a bridge for deeper bilateral cooperation.

Data Science projects rise up to Philippine challenges

Photo: [Credit: Department of Science and Technology – Philippine Council for Industry, Energy, and Emerging Technology Research and Development]

Several data science projects were presented that addresses the different needs of the country. There were also speakers who shared their knowledge on how data science can be used in various fields. A data science needs and capabilities identification activity was done after all the presentations.

Vision-impaired to see space through app

Astreos allows one to look up into a constellation, see it in 3D and be able to travel to it. Since NASA has all the data available, the team pulled it and started to represent it in an ergonomic way. The app provides a mental map of where all the constellations are.

National Quantum Engineering Program Announced at SWITCH 2018

Minister for Finance and Chairman of National Research Foundation Singapore, Mr Heng Swee Keat, announced the SGD 25 million Quantum Engineering Program (QEP). QEP offers scientific expertise which will help Singapore industries to compete globally.