Government to set up air pollution mitigation technology in Delhi

The WAYU prototype device has been indigenously developed and has the capacity to purify air for an area of about 500 square metres around it. The device consumes only about half a unit of electricity for 10 hours of run-time. The unit has a monthly maintenance cost of only IN ₹ 1500 (approximately US $20.7).

Upgrading for the future

OpenGov Asia had a chance to chat with Mr Balasubramanian, a seasoned industry professional, who is undertaking a master’s degree in Security by Design. Mr Balasubramanian was awarded the National Cybersecurity Postgraduate Scholarship at the National Infocomm Media Award Ceremony 2018.

Humanities in the era of digital revolution

The conference will explore the uses of digital technologies in humanities research and how that is enhancing the ability to make connections between disciplines, sectors, countries and people. Keynotes will also be done on topics such as AI, social media, and social inclusion.

Thai Banker’s Association and BoT raise transfer cap

Money transfer via digital platform has surged after banks waived fees for cross-zone and interbank money transfers, top-ups and bill payments on the digital channel from late March. Digital payments are expected to gradually transform the country into a cashless society. Cash payment account for 72% of the country’s total retail payment volume.

Indonesia’s ITB collaborates for smart city initiative

The capital city of Papua, Jayapura City, is in need of technological development. The team from ITB will not only focus on technology but also on the environmental and the social aspects in developing the smart city strategy.

Real Life Drama

OpenGov Asia had a chat with Chua Min Min, a recipient of the newly rebranded Singapore Digital (SG:D) Scholarship. We talk about how a Korean drama serial helped her to discover her passion.

Cryptocurrency giant chooses Hong Kong for IPO

As the price of bitcoin falls across the globe, the world’s largest designer of products used for mining cryptocurrencies hopes that Hong Kong’s stock exchange will help generate more capital.

Digital tech to expand Philippine microfinance sector

The direction is to achieve a much-needed change in the core banking system. This will be a foundational enabler, aligned with regulations and business opportunities. There are billions worth of remittance and bills transactions happening all over the country and no one wants to be left behind.

Fibre-optic networks to speed up with photonic chips

This will increase processing speed by microseconds, thereby reducing latency or what the gaming community refers to as ‘lag’. It has huge potential benefit in a range of local and access systems such as metropolitan 5G networks, financial trading, cloud computing and the Internet of Things.