Filipino start-up customises HR system to company’s needs

The start-up sells, rents and does the system. The system is sold to big companies for them to use. MSMES that cannot afford to buy, pay rent for the system on a monthly basis. For companies that are really small, the start-up does the payroll for them.

Mobile app to block mobile network hackers

Train stations, coffee shops, malls and government offices are the typical places where Wi-Fi hackers mostly catch their victims. People should not be worried anymore since the app will now protect their mobile phones against these threats.

Philippine Congress urged to pass Philippine Innovation Bill

The government should provide the people with the right perspective and skills to be competitive. The bill is set to establish the National Innovation Council, which will be in charge of setting priority areas for innovation and developing the National Innovation Agenda and Strategy Document.

Malaysia and Singapore agree to share tech on waste management

Malaysia and Singapore vowed to partner on better waste management at the Malaysia-Singapore Joint Committee on the Environment (MSJCE) held in Malaysia. At the meeting, both countries also agreed to enhance collaboration through further cooperation in new areas such as climate change, circular economy, industrial pollution and radiation safety.

Signing up for the future

The collaborations will equip researchers and working professionals with the necessary skills and experience to build, deploy and apply AI solutions.

Philippines collaborates with Russia on cybersecurity

Both parties agreed to cooperate on mutual response to cybersecurity incidents and information-exchange on cybersecurity threats, policies and technologies. The Philippines is also seeking to sign MoUs with other countries, similar to Russia’s, to further strengthen its cybersecurity posture.