Blockchain’s potential in tackling climate change

Micro-transactive grids involve a limited number of participants with each dwelling or household producing solar powered energy. Bockchain will provide a transparent, auditable and automated market trading and clearing mechanism for the benefit of producers and consumers.

Malaysia Airlines unveils new flight booking chatbot

The airline company predicts that the chatbot will also enable a higher customer lifetime value. The chatbot mimics human conversation and was designed to understand travellers’ needs and facilitate smoother transactions.

Philippines launches search for Startup Champions

The 25 Startup Champions chosen will represent the 17 regions of the Philippines and 8 clusters of the DICT. They are positioned to reach the start-ups that are outside of Manila in terms of proximity. They know how to work under the business and ICT conditions that these start-ups are facing.

UGM supports start-ups vide Innovative Academy Appcelerate

The Innovative Academy Appcelerate will serve as a training opportunity for participants, coming from across different disciplines, to collaborate in digital technology business ideas. The participants are expected to come up with smart ideas related to supply chain, smart city and logistics.

New Zealand’s Innovative Partnerships look into space

A Memorandum of Understanding commits both to work together in growing the space industry and capabilities in space-related R&D of New Zealand. The decision to invest in New Zealand is due in part to the support the company received from the Government’s Innovative Partnerships programme.