Australia to build first space telescope

The idea for the SkyHopper mission was born alongside the recognition of the potential of CubeSats. The aim is to design and build a tiny sibling to Hubble, with a 15 cm mirror that can fit inside a shoebox and a thousand times faster in responding to a command for time-critical observations.

Is the Assistance and Access Bill a threat to open-source?

Championing the internet as a global, public resource, the open-source web browser company is calling the Australian government to narrow the scope of terms in the Assistance and Access Bill. This is the third public letter to the Australian government authorities by a major industry player.

Malaysia encouraged to emphasise more on technology

The report found that sub-sectors with greater increases in the labour income share are associated with decreased investment in technology and a higher increase in the proportion of low-skilled foreign workers hired. Hence, investment in tech is crucial.

Mobile app to modernise Philippine pharmaceutical process

The data gathered can give information on what medicines are in demand. This could alert the authorities to possible outbreaks as well as analyse treatment patterns and provide supply information. This will also help the government know where medicines are available and how to allocate resources.

HKUST receives HK$200 million for research

The HK$200 million will allow HKUST to boost efforts in advancing research and nurturing talents helping to support the transition of HK and Mainland into a knowledge-based economy through the development in innovation and technology.

India to meet 76% of 175 GW target by 2022

The report said that improving grid flexibility through storage and flexible power generation will be extremely crucial to achieving high levels of renewable penetration. It added that economic competitiveness, technological maturity, and financially healthy off-takers will provide a solid base for renewable capacity growth to cater to electricity demand growth.

VR to enhance resilience of Australian troops

It is imperative that the troops are forearmed with strategies that will guarantee that they remain in control of the situation and are equipped with the skills to make a level-headed decision. Realistic scenarios will train and test their resilience and improve their performance under pressure.