Fintech significant for financial inclusion in the Philippines

Seamless Philippines 2018 brought in industry disruptors and leaders to deliver highly focused presentations and case studies on e-wallets and blockchain. Government speakers also attended the event to touch on various digital innovations facilitating the improvement of various public services.

Robot that cleans navy ship wins contest

AMAR is designed using magnets to attach to the side of a steel vessel. High pressure water, which was simulated with hose nozzles and paints, were added in order to be used for cleaning and painting the ship. It will eliminate the danger on workers and reduce the bill by millions per ship.

Has data reached a fever pitch?

In its second iteration, the United Nations World Data Forum brought together experts to discuss how data could be used to overcome challenges and also seize the opportunities in the lead up to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Space start-up wins for small satellite propulsion system

The NZ$ 25,000 prize in seed capital will help them release their initial software product in 2019. They are looking forward to acquiring flight heritage, strengthening relationship with the New Zealand Space Agency, and facilitating space exploration nationally.

New Zealand trials AI for cross-agency regulatory context

The objective of the Proof of Concept is to find out if conversational AI works in a cross-agency regulatory context. Moreover, it will check if businesses would be open to have a conversation with a “machine” to reduce their effort in searching for information to make decisions.