Second Philippine microsatellite launched to space

Diwata-2 will orbit at a higher altitude of approximately 620km. It was developed with the mentorship and support of Japan’s Hokkaido University and Tohoku University. Diwata-2 is a pivotal precursor to the next phase of Philippine space technology, called the STAMINA4Space Program.

Harnessing VR to attract minerals industry talent

Project LIVE-MM will focus on capturing key field sites and activities that convey core minerals industry skills and capabilities. It will function like a series of mini games or tasks within the virtual environment.

How New Zealand and the world can address cyberattacks

The price tag of cybercrime is currently NZ$ 600 billion annually and is expected to jump to NZ$ 6 trillion annually by 2021. National strategies, collaborations among businesses, and a wide debate about exposure to and risk of cyber insecurity are needed.

How digital tech influences Indonesian consumerism

It was observed that the increased spending on travel and consumer food services was strongly influenced by social media. Cashless payment has contributed in helping people spend with its convenience. Digital payments are expected to grow with the rise in the number of people owning smartphones.