Malaysia may get tech school for prodigies

The hope is that the efforts will encourage local talents to remain in Malaysia to contribute to the nation’s growth. With regards to the Malaysian PM’s visit to Japan, three Japanese higher-learning have plans to establish branches in Malaysia – which could help with the aim of boosting digital talent in the country.

Indonesia needs cybersecurity awareness for Industrial Revolution 4.0

Both individuals and organisations should start their cybersecurity awareness. It must be included in Indonesia’s digital transformation planning. The community must understand the dynamics that will arise and prepare themselves for the changes that will occur in the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

India re-elected as member of the ITU

India secured 165 votes and placed third among the 13 other nations that were elected to the council from the Asia-Australasia region. India ranked 8th among the 48 countries elected to the council globally. The 193-member states elect representatives to the council.

Real-time tracking of buses made easy by mobile app

The new app will be trialled by about 5,000 users before it is released to the general public by next year. This technology is similar to that of ride-sharing apps wherein the passenger can track the location of their ride.

Blockchain to change New Zealand’s export business

New Zealand exporters need to be more proactive about using technology to protect the country’s brand and product reputation. With blockchain, the documentation timeframe for New Zealand exporters can be reduced. Also, risks such as cybersecurity threats and fraud can be mitigated.

Philippine telco prepares for 5G with base station

PLDT noted that aside from faster connections with higher bandwidths, 5G will also automate different processes for different companies. The company aims to target different sectors as its first customers: transport, health care, manufacturing, energy, hotels, residential and other partner locators.