Indonesia to launch database of start-ups

The start-up database will be accessible to the public and would be used or decision-making. The Government will be able to track which sector has more and which has less in relation to the number of start-ups. Moreover, it will attract more investors to invest in Indonesia.

Singapore’s guidelines for AI and data analytics in the financial sector

The Monetary Authority of Singapore releases a document titled “Principles to Promote Fairness, Ethics, Accountability and Transparency in the Use of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics in Singapore’s Financial Sector”. It seeks to help overcome negative impacts associated with the increasing use of artificial intelligence and data analytics.

NSW unveils cyber security exchange with India

Building links between the tech ecosystems in NSW and India will help grow and strengthen business partnerships, contribute to economic growth, skills development and job creation. Of particular focus are sectors such as agriculture, cyber security, health, education and financial services.