Thailand’s first AI seminar to be held in December 2018

CMKL Tech Summit 2018 has gathered technology- and AI-related experts from the private sector and the educational sector from Thailand and worldwide to share their insights in the event. The topics in the seminar include the application of AI technology in the business sector as well as the industries in which AI is playing a vital role (e.g., retail, healthcare and agriculture).

AI Research Centre to open in Indonesia

E-commerce platform, Bukalapak, and the Bandung Institute of Technology will work together to make this research centre a success. Future expansion would find the regions of Medan, Yogyakarta, and Surabaya with their own research centres as well.

Singapore to develop new urban technologies

Over the next three years, SGD 14 million will be spent to support the development of new urban technologies. The project is part of the Infocomm Media Development Authority’s latest technology call to help technology companies build capabilities and accelerate the materialisation of Singapore’s smart estates.

Managing data breaches

Some recommended steps to consider when limiting the harm or negative effects of a breach include containing the breach; assessing the risks and impact; notifying appropriate agencies and affected individuals; and evaluating the response.

Malaysian eSports still seeing massive investments

The aim is to empower Malaysia’s youth by providing them with high-quality jobs including software developers and engineers, graphic designers and illustrators; and even eSports marketing and advertisers.

NZ government harnesses digital initiatives for better services

“Working together as one: Government delivering easy and seamless services” demonstrated initiatives where government agencies are working collaboratively to design and deliver more seamless services. This enables the citizens and businesses to better access and utilise Government services.

Inclusive technology for Persons with Disabilities

More help is on the way for Persons with Disabilities to empower them. At the E2 Connect Forum, Singapore’s Minister for Communications and Information, Mr S Iswaran, shared how technology can bridge the divide.

Partnership to explore how creative agencies can leverage automation

The first project will seek to find out if technology can be applied so that it elevates the creative process in business functions and processes. It will also guarantee that creativity is able to effectively adapt to the implementation of artificial intelligence and new technologies.