New Zealand prioritises ultra-fast broadband for all

When the Government’s UFB programme is fully complete, New Zealand is expected to be in the top five OECD countries for digital connectivity. This increased capacity and speed is especially useful at work, school or at home when there are multiple people online at the same time.

HKBU institute to boost local farming and sustainable living

The Sustainability Gallery which is the first agriculture learning centre in Hong Kong, also launched on the same day. Furnished with immersive multimedia such as 4D, AR, VR and motion sensing, the S Gallery has 2,500 sq. ft. of space and features four exhibition zones, introducing biological resources, organic agriculture and the concept of sustainable consumption to visitors.

New app to change how Indonesians invest in gold

This app provides a more secure alternative to physically keeping their golds at home or in safety deposit boxes. Using the app is easy and convenient and simply requires the creation of an account with an email and a password.

Malaysia’s Industry 4.0 agenda could be driven by PPPs

Creating more PPPs will not only help accelerate the development and deployment of new-age digital products and services for the public but also ensures that public companies get the support they need to fully develop their digital capabilities.

Steps for the future of autonomous driving networks

Huawei released a whitepaper, “Key Scenarios of Autonomous Driving Mobile Network”. The paper identifies seven key autonomous-driving scenarios and analyses five key automation capabilities required in mobile networks. According to the company’s Executive Director of the Board, the evolution towards autonomous driving networks should be approached by scenario rather than as a single stroke.

Darwin’s AI/ML solution for sustainably managed fisheries

Counting fish is an activity wrought with danger in Darwin Harbour. Scientists need to work around the huge amounts of water, salt water crocodiles, and sharks to do their job safely. Find out how an artificial intelligence and machine learning project made work smooth sailing for these scientists.