Online safety is the main priority of new MoU

This MoU will be an avenue for cooperative efforts that will allow for the management of a safer online .nz, enabling the Department of Internal Affairs and the Domain Name Commission to share information between them.

Indian President inaugurates 13th AgroTech conference

: Indian government to work towards merging biotechnology, nanotechnology, data science, remote-sensing imaging, autonomous aerial and ground vehicles, and artificial intelligence which they believe hold the keys to generating more value for agriculture.

Artificial intelligence to allow self-diagnosis of skin cancer

The person will be able to scan their body by taking a large number of high-resolution images that will be sent to a remote server for processing. Within minutes, a complete 3D reconstruction of the individual’s body will be returned. Skin cancer may be detected for a fraction of the cost.

Bangkok blockchain undergoes tests for tracking VAT payments

The department has set its sights on adopting machine learning and using artificial intelligence to learn and study tax-cheating practices to efficiently examine tax payments and compel more people to enter the formal tax system, the director-general stated.

US tech company launches academy and accelerator in Kuala Lumpur

These skills which include Business Growth mindset, Growth Marketing and User Experience Design are key skills required by SMEs and Start-ups to succeed in the digital economy. The Accelerator will provide a Market Acceleration Program (MXP) that provides a foolproof formula for Startups and Corporates to commercialise their innovation.

NSW’s conversation on thinking skills in an AI world

Australia’s New South Wales Department of Education and the University of New South Wales Grand Challenges Program host a panel. It discusses what education needs to do differently to ensure students can positively shape their world.

Blockchain to accelerate Malaysia’s automotive industry

The main purpose of this collaboration is furthering blockchain technologies and initiatives aimed at pushing forward the national Industry4WRD policy. The two sides are focused on improving supply chain efficiency and transforming the after-sales and service sectors through reputation economy 2.0.

DTA releases Cloud Assessment Tool

Australia’s Digital Transformation Agency is releasing the Cloud Assessment Tool. For agencies thinking about using a cloud service, the Tool gives them a rough idea of what to consider.