GPS-tracked helmets protect people and promote brands in Indonesia

Aside from providing a platform to which brands can spread their message around town, Helmad allows drivers to earn some cash and receive other incentives with it. Interested drivers can sign up and get appointed to a certain client ad campaign. They will then receive a GPS-tracked helmet.

IIT Kanpur inks MoU to strengthen cybersecurity solutions

Funded by the Department of Science and Technology, IIT-Kanpur has established a C3I (Cyber Security and Cyber Defence of Critical Infrastructures) centre to create technological safeguards to protect the country’s critical infrastructures.

Digital payments usage to increase in 2019

2019 will see a more mature emerging payments solutions. The companies will pay attention on educating their customers and adapting their fraud controls in order to counter threats from cybercriminals.

Robot aids the Great Barrier Reef by delivering coral larvae

The LarvalBot gently releases the larvae onto damaged reef areas, allowing it to settle and over time develop into coral polyps or baby corals. With further research and refinement, this technique has enormous potential to operate across large areas of reef and multiple sites.