Malaysia gets Indian marketing agency firm

The firm’s renowned B2B technology will be employed to provide clients with go-to-market solutions including solutions for content marketing, demand generation, lead nurturing and account-based marketing.

Tricycle-hailing app to ease commuting at night

Summary: Transeek will provide a safer and convenient commute around Butuan City, in the Philippines, especially at night. The app utilises the internet and the Global Positioning System (GPS) of smartphones.

Hong Kong will focus on cybersecurity in 2019

Through a series of steps, the framework assesses the level of cybersecurity risk inherent in the bank’s existing systems. The framework then uses an AI algorithm to determine the maturity level of the bank’s cybersecurity. If the cybersecurity is lacking, the AI can be used to outline a plan to improve its resilience.

Innovation and technology contributes to growth in Singapore tourism sector

2018 marked another strong year for Singapore’s tourism sector, with both tourism receipts and visitor arrivals achieving new highs. The core tourism industries of BTMICE, Hotels, and Cruises also posted strong results. Chief Executive of Singapore Tourism Board (STB), Mr Keith Tan, said, “We are pleased that Singapore’s tourism sector performed well in 2018 despite […]