Index finds Malaysia outranks Singapore in digital maturity

Most of Malaysia’s digital landscape is made up of digital followers (41%), digital evaluators (28%) – business leaders who are gradually embracing digital transformation and investing for the future, and digital leaders (3%) who have digital transformation ingrained in their DNA.

Hong Kong university program for AI careers

The university is helping students via professor networks and international immersions. The course gives its students valuable exposure to tech hubs and top tech companies.

Driving Hong Kong’s AI talent

The contest is part of AI Developer Enablement Program that is designed to foster collaboration with developers, partners, universities, and research institutions in Hong Kong with the ultimate aim of making AI more inclusive.

Thailand 4.0 on road to sucess

With a 71% penetration of mobile users, and 51 million active internet social media users, Thailand’s digital landscape is growing increasingly populated. This is good news for the region’s Thailand 4.0 initiatives.