Compendium on Digital India: Cybersecurity

The objective of the document is to disseminate and outline the success of the Digital India initiative. It is divided into two sections, the digital profile of India and the digital profiles of states and union territories.

Going Beyond Next Generation Security

Because there’s so much money to be made from attacks against businesses, today’s cybercriminals are highly skilled and very well-funded… and that makes them an even bigger threat to enterprises.

Safeguarding Your Enterprise-Grade Amazon Web Services Cloud

Public and managed clouds are now a part of the enterprise IT landscape. Moving out of the private to the public cloud arena, and in particular straddling the two, has introduced new issues. Where does your security responsibility begin and end, and how do you orchestrate and protect workloads as they move between clouds, on- and off-premise?

Machine Learning and Human Expertise

Kaspersky Lab’s achievement are made possible through their proprietary HuMachine™ Intelligence: the fusion of a global big data ‘cyberbrain’ powered by machine learning algorithms and the unequalled expertise of their security teams in combating ‘nextgen’ threats.

Finance: Is your Mission unbreakable?

To counter cyber threats, financial services providers need to become as agile as the cybercriminals. Cybersecurity solutions that can scale and adapt while making use of the latest threat intelligence are essential.