Hong Kong grants first digital banking licences

Lauded as the best thing to happen to HK FinTech in many years; the mix of banks and non-banks will enable the creation of new types of products. Companies that received licences intend to begin operating within nine months.

PolyU develops revolutionary nanofiber technology

PolyU’s innovation can be applied in air filtration. Industrial usage includes dust-free rooms and fossil-fuel power stations. Air filtration can also be used to reduce particulate emission from the exhaust of ships and vehicles.


If your business strategy is fueled by data, bad data can be compared to poor quality oil in a car engine. Frankly, there is no chance you’ll go far and fast if you fill the tank with poor quality oil.


Organizations need to make sure that good quality data is available to everyone who needs it and shouldn’t have to rely on a small IT team or a couple of rock star data personnel to make that happen.

The Cloud Data Integration Primer

The cloud is a well-established platform and is becoming prevalent for numerous data management disciplines, including those for data integration and related fields such as data quality, master data management, data warehousing, and reporting.