Malaysian HR tech start-up US$7 million

The firm’s plans to expand are in line with the country’s aim of attracting more start-ups. A new innovation centre will help start-ups find corporates partners to get access, coaching, funding and mentoring in a single space.

Melbourne to welcome National Artificial Intelligence Centre

The A$ 1 million investment to the proposed centre will boost the identification and establishment of a location for the new national centre, which will be bringing together a mix of world-leading businesses, start-ups and tertiary institutions.

Enterprise Singapore launches initiatives to strengthen startup ecosystem in Singapore

As Singapore sets out to become the Global-Asia node for technology, innovation and enterprise, Enterprise Singapore will be deepening efforts with global and local partners to strengthen the startup ecosystem in Singapore. This supports the national Research, Innovation and Enterprise 2020 Plan to build a strong core of innovative enterprises and start-ups to capture global […]

HKSTP co-hosts first I&T Trade Show

The goal is to help government departments increase their awareness of the availability of home-grown I&T solutions that can solve their operational issues while encouraging the participation of start-ups and SMEs in government procurement programmes.