PolyU develops tiny 3D ultrasound imaging system

The device is a first-of-its-kind palm-sized 3D ultrasound imaging system. It will be used for radiation-free scoliosis assessment. It can bring accurate, safe and cost-efficient mass screening to schools and anywhere in the community.

India recognises privacy as crucial when AI is involved

The Indian government is working towards constituting a legal framework for the adoption of large-scale AI systems. It has noted that the first step to achieve this is by identifying privacy as a fundamental right by the Supreme Court.

Singapore Government uses blockchain technology to produce digital certificates for graduates

The Singapore government has developed a blockchain-based platform that will enable employers to verify the educational qualifications of employees and job candidates who have graduated from local universities, polytechnics and other educational institutions. Starting from this year, all graduates will receive digital certificates for N, O and A Levels, ITE qualifications, diploma and degree qualifications […]