Hong Kong strengthening business ties with India

With sectors like fintech and biotech rapidly developing in Hong Kong, as well as the city’s start-up ecosystem, growing exponentially, InvestHK’s official is confident the two regions can share knowledge and information.

Proposed Future Factory to transform manufacturing

The Australian Centre for Innovative Manufacturing will connect Australian companies with the latest manufacturing technologies and research expertise as well as provide training to modernise workforces.

PolyU develops ultra-precision polishing tech

The MJP solution includes high efficiency and lower cost without compromising on the polishing quality. It is believed that technology could bring substantial benefits to the advanced manufacturing industries.

How an app may predict brain injury

Even a mild head injury should be taken seriously. The app will be able to inform the user quickly if they should stop playing for a while and go see a doctor.

How Vietnam plans to improve its cybersecurity

Technologies such as 5G, IoT, big data, AI, and cloud computing are transforming all aspects of life but also present new security challenges to countries in the world. To protect data and national digital infrastructures, Vietnam is working to strengthen its cybersecurity.