Hong Kong’s Open API framework: one year on

The Framework will help contribute to Hong Kong’s development as a smart city and, in conjunction with other Smart Banking initiatives the HKMA has announced, further strengthen the city’s status as an international financial centre and fintech hub in the region.

HKU tech start-ups receive massive support

While TSSSU@HKU will provide monetary support to the HKU technology start-up companies, the iDendron Incubation Programme will boost early-stage start-ups through intensive mentor engagement, build investor relations and maximize exposure.

Malaysian tech firms ink partnership

Malaysia aims to expand its companies and boost their interest in foreign markets as Cambodia plans to improve its ICT ecosystem to keep up with its robust gross domestic product growth.

Explore Singapore’s hawker culture on Google maps

In an attempt to get on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, Singapore is working with Google Map’s virtual navigation to make locating and visiting its renowned hawkers centres easier for tourists.