Boosting ICT Governance in the Philippines

Establishing a Digital Philippines, by empowering society via ICT, entails involving civil societies, industry groups, and international development partners, among others.

Malaysia chosen as home for new innovation centre

The Innovation Centre, which incorporates a range of green tech in its design (like solar panels, rainwater harvesting and waste management) will help boost Malaysia’s reputation as a global manufacturing hub.

Mobile applications for e-Doctor services

These mobile apps will set up a video-call consulting session with a General Practitioner (GP) from the list of the GPs it contains, based on questions answered by users on their current condition and any drug allergies they may have.

Retired HK buses revamped with green tech

The solar panels fitted on the buses’ rooftops convert energy from the sun into electricity to power the ventilation system which cools down the bus while it is parked. The new cooling system also enables the bus to save fuel.