Building Robust Cyberspace in HK

Cybersecurity Seminar in Hongkong

The public was reminded to update information systems and application software in a timely manner, use up-to-date anti-virus and anti-malware tools, perform regular data backups, and install firewall to minimise the impact of cyberattacks.

Malaysia to Invest Heavily into Building Tech Landscape

The public and private sectors will put together a fund of RM21.6 billion to implement a fibre network for the nation under the NFCP; RM50 million will be granted to develop a 5G ecosystem for the nation, and RM20 million will be put in to develop esports.

Exclusive: Breaking Down Quantum Technology

Quantum Technology will rebuild the way applications are done, the way we communicate, the way we sense and could offer possibilities beyond what can be visualised at the moment.