Malaysia Testing New Sewage Treatment Tech

Malaysia New Sewage Treatment Technology

‘Advanced Moving Bed Bio-Reactor’ (AMBBR) technology now being tested at the sewage treatment plant in Pantai Tengah will undergo trials for two years before being introduced in other plants.

HK Govt Tech Lab Puts Forward Smart City Solution

LiDAR and Optical Sensing Applications for Smart City

The customizable LiDAR solution for 3D geometric structure acquisition can be deployed in different public service applications including digital archiving, object monitoring, smart city development, and management.

HKSTP Launches Robotics Catalysing Centre 2.0

HKSTP Robotics Catalysing Centre 2.0

The centre’s aim is to drive co-creation, knowledge transfer and broader market adoption of A.I.R. technologies in various sectors such as logistics, healthcare, construction, retail, food and beverage, and manufacturing in Hong Kong.