Thai SEC Grants New Digital Exchange Licence

Thailand SEC New Digital Exchange Licence

The digital asset exchange license falls among one of several initiatives the country implemented to create a regulatory framework. They claim it will provide a legitimate and safe environment for investors.

System That Predicts Powerline Faults To Be Rolled-Out

Early Fault Detection (EFD) System

A multi-award winning system, which was designed by Australia’s RMIT University, predicts powerline faults before they can cause blackouts or bushfires is being scaled up for commercial release. According to a recent press release, the predictive Early Fault Detection (EFD) system designed is being hailed as a game-changer for electricity network management. Melbourne-based IND Technology […]

India to Host Smart City Conference

India Apex Smart City Conference

Since the first smart city conference, there has been a growth of 224% in the number of projects tendered and 300% in the projects grounded.