Australia upgrades My Health Record system

The government is confident these improvements will continue to build trust within the community for the online portal and provide crucial support to the health system and consumers over the coming months.

HK govt tech lab unveils AI camera solution

The solution’s AI Recognition is completed on the local site instead of on cloud servers ensuring faster response time and increased stability. Its recognition is also completed locally so no video data leaves the local intranet thus ensuring privacy.

HKU’s new space programme to focus on novel space tech

The programme, the first of its kind in Hong Kong, will equip the next generation of space scientists and engineers with a sound knowledge of space science, associated technologies and related issues that are essential to sustain careers in the space industry and for research.

Vietnam successfully pilots 5G network

The 5G platform has successfully tested high-speed data services such as hologram-3D, cloud gaming, and virtual interactive applications between people in two different positions.