Vietnam’s potential for digital transformation

Vietnam’s GDP growth rate is expected to be 6.5% for 2020 and the next year. Vietnam also has advantages in human resources in technology. Many schools are offering training in IT, which would feed into the technology and data science labour pool.

Indian govt holds e-governance conference

The conference provided an excellent platform for the sharing of knowledge, experiences, lessons, the latest technology developments and best practices in designing and implementing sustainable e-governance initiatives.

Malaysia telecom exploring 5G adoption in Petaling Jaya

The is firm wants to help drive the adoption of 5G tech with IoT and AI solutions, to enhance daily operational matters for authority bodies and agencies across industries. The 5G Intelligent City and Public Safety solutions also complement MBPJ’s ambition to create a smart, sustainable, conducive and resilient city.

A*STAR scientists help develop Asian Immune Diversity Atlas

The team from the Agency for Science, Technology and Research’s (A*STAR’s) Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS), RIKEN, and Samsung Medical Centre aims to identify differences in the molecular properties of blood cells across five major Asian population groups – Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian and Malay.