Malaysia sets new digital learning ambitions

DELIMa offers applications and services that are required by teachers and students within the Malaysian school system, which includes digital learning enabling tech and resources.

HK government supports I&T development

The Government has also launched the Distance Business Programme to provide funding to enterprises to adopt information technology (IT) solutions for developing distance business.

Australia must develop a national security cloud

The ASPI has called on the government to commit to major investments in cloud infrastructure and services for Australian intelligence agencies as part of any government stimulus to Australia’s digital economy.

14 Digital Bank Applicants in Singapore Accepted for Next Stage of Assessment

Monetary Authority of Singapore Digital Banking Licence Applications

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) announced  that 14 of the 21 digital bank applications have met the eligibility criteria required for the application to be considered. These eligible applicants, comprising five digital full bank (DFB) applicants and nine digital wholesale bank (DWB) applicants, will progress to the next stage of assessment. In January 2020, […]