Award Winning Enterprise GIS System Assists Singapore Police

The Enterprise GIS (eGIS) system collates and presents geospatial data from diverse sources in an integrated manner to allow the Police to have better situational awareness and effect a quick and informed response. With thousands of real-time GPS data being ingested into the eGIS system every minute, Police get a real-time view of events as […]

Communicating reliable information digitally in the Philippines

Reliable, genuine and well-researched content and material have become critical during the pandemic. The threat of COVID-19 apart, countries are confronted by another serious challenge – the widespread disinformation and misinformation about the pandemic. As the general population relies on information from a wide range of sources, it is imperative to explain information, facts and […]

DOST’s tech initiatives to boost primary sectors and MSMEs in the Philippines

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) in partnership with the Department of Agriculture has been helping Western Visayas farmers, fisherfolk and agribusinesses in improving the packaging of their products. The partnership aims to enhance the market competitiveness of agriculture and fishery products in Western Visayas region. Department of Agriculture (DA-6) had provided Department of […]