Refreshed Singpass Brings with it 5 New Features

Besides the obvious logo change, the team has been working on making the app even more feature-packed and useful with key transactional pages available in Singapore’s four official languages by end of this year.

Smart city solutions from HK government tech lab

The smart city solutions include government services, as well as energy, healthcare, traffic, transportation, waste and water management as well as address parking space management and payments.

ANU develops new high-speed imaging tech

A novel biomedical invention from The Australian National University can measure a blood clot’s “stickiness” and “optically weigh” it, within a thousand millionth of a gram, to assess a person’s disease risk.

Driving satellite and space technology in Thailand

The partnership will see the development and evolution of future small satellite missions, which include Earth-observation, Space Situational Awareness, Low Earth Orbit satellite constellations, S&T and planetary missions.