5 Tips to Encourage Your Employees to Upskill and Reskill

The fast pace of technology improvements, the impending arrival of an era where AI and Big Data are changing the landscape of work, automating jobs and creating skill gaps in the market are all making more and more companies preoccupied.

Monitoring Application to Detect Climate Change in New Zealand

The use of ICTs, specifically mobile applications, has the potential to raise awareness about a variety of issues, including climate change. When it comes to climate concerns, New Zealand’s climate change monitor app has been a “life-changer”.

AgTech Hub Launched in Queensland

The Hub attract tech companies to the region and trial cutting edge agricultural technologies, including advanced robotics, AI, blockchain, and traceability systems with producers and their supply chain partners.

Vietnam Ranks Second in ASEAN in IPv6 Transition

IPv6 will meet Vietnam’s demand to offer new and quality services such as the Internet of Things, 4G-LTE, and 5G networks, contributing to digital transformation and digital government building.

CSM Partners to Boost Cybersecurity in Malaysia

The collaboration aims to enhance the ability of the public and business sectors to fend off cyberattacks and make cybersecurity a key thrust towards a sustainable digital economy, digital government and digital society.