New Digital Identifier: Key to New Zealand’s Inclusive Growth

Since the pandemic began, digital inclusion has played a critical role in New Zealand’s economic growth, as many businesses have shifted digitally online. To facilitate the adoption of digital ways of working, a new digital organisation identifier has been introduced.

Rebuilding Public Health Technology in the U.S.

COVID-19 posed serious challenges for the already vulnerable public health system, the government needs to modernise public health technology infrastructure by buying commercial technology, leveraging standardised available platforms and forging public-private partnerships.

Chinese Tech Experts Call for Trustworthy AI

Tech experts in the country have called for the development of responsible and trustworthy AI that can be characterised by stability, explainability, privacy protections and fairness.

3D Headset Brings Jury to Crime Scene

A UniSA team simulated a hit-and-run scene, reconstructing the events with a laser scanner to compare verdicts between ‘jurors’ using 3D headsets and those relying on photographs from the scene.