HK Geospatial Lab Officially Opens

Complementing the government’s emphasis on STEM education, the GeoLab will hold talks and classes for schools to help students master geospatial tech and knowledge and enhance their understanding of spatial data application.

Offshore Wind Energy Tech Presents Advantages

A new report on Australia’s offshore wind potential calls for a renewed consideration of how the technology can dramatically contribute to Australia’s future clean energy mix.

U.S. Commerce Bots Speed HR Services Delivery

HR bot helps the Human Resources department to automate business processes from start to finish, provide exception-based and personalised customer service, as well as ensure quality and accuracy.

Taiwan Seeks Business Opportunities in Space Industry

The nation made efforts to grow the space industry by developing specific kinds of satellites – Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites – and the Internet of Things. It also issued an act that regulates the country’s space-based activities.