Supporting the Development of Biotech Australia

CSIRO is focused on developing capacity in synthetic biology including through a new BioFoundry facility in Queensland which provides a capability to the R&D community to rapidly design, build and test new biotechnologies.  

China’s Advanced 5G Technologies

The country has adopted 5G technology in a variety of domains to advance digital transformation and aims to nurture 560 million 5G mobile subscribers by the end of 2023.

Exploring Next-Generation Art Technologies in Hong Kong

In a digital age, it is essential to adapt to thrive and take opportunities that this time offers; leveraging the innovation of local artists and with the active support of the government, HK is an excellent environment for arts tech to thrive.

Algorithm Helps Drones Fly at High Speeds

U.S. aerospace engineers have devised an algorithm that helps drones find the fastest route around obstacles without crashing for time-critical operations, such as search and rescue.