Improving Singapore’s Transportation System

Singapore’s Land Transport Authority is currently assessing options for building a transportation system capable of dealing with future challenges, as well as developing new solutions to improve the current system.

Columbus, U.S. Completes Smart City Challenge

Through the Smart City Challenge, Columbus seeks to become a collaborative innovation lab and accelerate technology deployment that was focused on data in transportation mobility.

China Promotes Digital Trade and Cooperation

To develop digital trade and deepen international cooperation, China will introduce policy measures and establish relevant laws and regulations for the right classification of data resources and protection of cross-border transmission.

Delivering Cutting Edge Care to Critically-ill Newborns

Victoria is investing in a world-first medical device that will help more critically ill newborns get access to potentially lifesaving care. By supporting medical innovation from idea to commercialisation, the Government is helping develop world-first tech and delivering the best care for Victorians.

Smart Farming with IoT and Cloud in Malaysia

A homegrown agritech platform is combining traditional farming with state-of-the-art IoT and cloud-based solutions to provide Malaysian farmers with robust digital tools that aim to revolutionise the agriculture industry.