Vietnam, Australia Launch AI Cooperation Network

The network aims to bring Vietnam opportunities for learning from Australia and around the world to create a favourable environment for artificial intelligence development to prosper in Vietnam.

Citizens Urged to Adopt Anti-Fraud Precautions in the Philippines

As Filipinos continue to adjust to the “new normal,” there has been an increase in the use of digital banking and financial services, resulted in an increase in scam and fraud incidents. A digital payments company is urging citizens to take precautions to avoid these malicious events.

CityU Develops Flexible Electronic Sensors

Researchers at the City University of Hong Kong have developed a new sensor that helps to effectively and rehabilitate joint disorders that arise from prolonged sedentary postures at work.

Reducing Bias in Training Data for Improved Machine Learning

To improve the outcomes and ensure high-quality data inputs for machine learning tasks, U.S. researchers have developed a method to screen human data annotators for bias and designed an online platform for scaling up the screening process.