CityU Launches New Ventilation System

A new ventilation technology developed by a research team at the City University of Hong Kong can thoroughly filter viral particles and quickly stop the spread of Covid-19 in the air and at a low cost.

AI-Powered Road Safety Project Launched in Nagpur, India

Public transport vehicles will be equipped with collision avoidance technology to reduce accidents by nearly 50%. The sensors will identify high-risk regions along Nagpur roads to help agencies prevent and repair accident-prone zones.

The Philippines to Expand Smart City Initiatives

In the backdrop of the pandemic and other critical events, the Philippine government is doubling down on its commitment to pursuing its smart city initiatives that will improve the lives of the citizens.

Ultra-Efficient Tech to Forge Sustainable Energy Future

Researchers from ANU have developed a system to transport data using atomically thin semiconductors in an extremely energy-efficient way. The energy-saving semiconductor tech has shown highly promising signs of requiring less electricity.