Digitalisation Key to Vietnam’s Economic Recovery

The Ministry of Planning and Investment has tools available on a government portal to help businesses self-evaluate and build a digitalisation strategy as the country’s digital economy grew 10% and saw US$135 billion in sales.

Improving Doctor-patient Communication with AI

A study using algorithms and ML to measure the linguistic complexity of the doctors’ messages and found patients benefit when doctors tailor their email messages to match the complexity of language the patient uses.

New High-Tech Water Proposed in Western Sydney

The centre will provide a water system for more than 1.5 million people in Western Sydney and uses renewable energy to harness industry-leading water recycling technology making this a significant investment into green infrastructure.

China Rolls Out Online Platforms to Help Businesses

The nation launched new websites that provide timely and accurate information about the market and relevant policies and rolled out other platforms to improve services for self-employed and private businesses.