Queensland Police to Trial Cutting-Edge Drones

The new airborne observation platform will have enhanced intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities and advancements like AI tech to track vehicles and thermal imaging cameras to locate lost people.

Novel Clean Energy Technology in the U.S.

U.S. DOE awarded $7.8 million for three of Argonne’s clean energy projects that will focus on technologies such as revolutionising fuel cells for light and technologies to generate less nuclear waste.

National Space Industry Hub launched in Sydney

Sydney’s Tech Central Precinct has opened the National Space Industry Hub at its Eveleigh facility. The hub’s first residents will build on NSW’s space capability to ensure it is the strongest in Australia.

Philadelphia, U.S. Launches Digital Equity Plan

The five-year plan describes how the city will address the affordability of broadband and devices and tackle the fundamental issues that contribute to the digital divide: barriers of language, race, limited digital literacy skills and disabilities.