NSW to Roll Out Biosecurity Blueprint

Primary producers will have the opportunity to provide feedback on an NSW Government plan that aims to build NSW’s capability and capacity to manage risk, invest in tools and technologies and develop better strategies.

AI-Based Digital Manufacturing in the U.S.

U.S researchers hope to develop a manufacturing system that uses an AI/ML model to monitor and adjust the 3D printing process in real-time; gather data to learn a complex control policy to correct errors.

MDEC Announces New Digital Programme

GLOW Aspirasi programme for 2022 is an initiative to continue supporting Malaysians to become competitive on a global platform and will train, coach and mentor 4,000 Malaysians into becoming digital freelancers.

Digital-Based Education Transformation in Indonesia

Indonesia aims to upgrade the digital learning content and strengthen digital skills among students and teachers through fostering partnerships across public and private sectors and with young people directly.