PolyU Launches Upgraded School of Fashion and Textiles

PolyU announced the upgrade of the Institute of Textiles and Clothing and the establishment of the School of Fashion and Textiles aimed at integrating fashion and textile education, and innovative technology research.

India Issues Guidelines for IFSCA Fintech Scheme

The scheme aims to promote the establishment of a world-class fintech hub in India by providing financial support in the form of specific grants including the fintech start-up, sandbox grant and green fintech grants.

Using Machine Learning to Identify Undiagnosed Tumours

Researchers from the United States developed a unique model that maps developmental pathways to tumour cells, which may disclose the identity of malignancies with unknown origins; and improved the picture generator using artificial intelligence.

Plant-Disease-Detecting Robot in the Philippines

The Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI) is developing AI-enabled robots that can identify plant illnesses, while the Financial Capital of the Philippines will install solar panels in all its public schools.