Singapore: AI in the Age of Plenitude

Tembusu Conversations is a dialogue series that familiarise students with challenges related to tech through interaction with professionals from different sectors; NUS is the recipient of a prestigious international award.

HKU and ASTRI Partner to Expand HK R&D Talent Pool

Under the MoU, the two will determine their respective IP rights and ownership of R&D results to facilitate the commercialisation of joint R&D or implementation projects under the jurisdiction of both parties or affiliated HKU institutions.

Wearable Tumour Device in the U.S.

U.S. Researchers have developed a new wearable gadget for identifying tumours beneath the skin that might greatly accelerate and reduce the screening cost of cancer therapies; can also transmit data to a smartphone app.

Free Online Library in the Philippines

The government aims to establish a free online library for elementary and secondary learners to augment the existing online library services; it also encourages the students to maximise the benefits of digital technology.

Thailand-U.S. Partnership on Smart Cities

Thailand is pursuing smart city development with the help of the U.S. Trade and Development Agency; the nation aims to create a centre for trade, investment, regional transportation, and a strategic gateway to Asia.