Singapore, Thailand Strengthen Economic Ties

Both nations reaffirmed their intention to enhance bilateral trade and investment, air transport and tourism, among others at the 6th Singapore-Thailand Enhanced Economic Relationship Ministerial Meeting.

Establishing a U.S. Customer-Focussed Digital Ecosystem

The Enterprise Digital Experience team of the U.S. General Services Administration established a Digital Lifecycle Programme that provides a roadmap and tools to assist in managing websites over their entire lifecycle.

Indonesia Promotes IPv6 Migration

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology proposes using IP Addresses or internet protocol version 6 to transcend the restrictions of IPv4 and as a remedy to the limited IPv4 capacity.

Satellite Learning for Filipino Youth

Filipino students communicated with radio operators locally and in Indonesia through the Diwata-2 satellite proving that a Filipino-made satellite may be used for backup communication, especially during disasters.