Innovative Solutions from Hong Kong Tech Lab

The first solution is a secure open data computing platform and the second is a tunnel vehicle monitoring and classification system; both solutions are now ready to be acquired.

Melbourne Forges Ahead with Modernised Train Fleet

Work is ramping up to deliver Melbourne’s most modern trains – the X’Trapolis 2.0. The work is part of an investment by the Government to deliver a modernised fleet to meet the needs of all Victorians.

Developing Space Solar Power in the U.S.

Solar electricity from orbit has been generated by researchers in the U.S., and it has the potential to be transmitted to Earth to create a global supply of clean energy that is also economical.

Indonesia’s BAKTI Podcast Promotes Literacy

The Podcast aims to promote community literacy; in addition to information media, the podcast also serves leisure and socialisation needs while offering a variety of information services for public consumption.