New South Wales Invests in Tech Upgrades for Rescuers

The NSW Government is investing in upgraded tech for rescue operations; one will provide the VRA with seamless communication coverage across NSW while another will see colourised laser tech added to the FRNSW fleet of drones.

Indonesia Adds More Digital Integrated PSMs

Integrated public service digitalisation is part of the Ministry of State Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform agenda to accelerate service government and increase the value of Ease of Doing Business (EoDB) in Indonesia.

Unravelling the Deep Learning Black Box Mystery

Deep learning still puzzles researchers due to its complexity; even scientists who build them do not understand everything underneath the shell which has driven an MIT researcher to understand the technology better.

Thailand Continues Programmes for Digital Trainers

To achieve a more digitally-aware and trained society, Thailand continues to hold Digital Citizen Trainer generation 2 which aims to help spread information to a larger target audience of all genders and ages.