HKU Scientists Revolutionising Battery Technology

Researchers from the University of Hong Kong have developed a single-ion conducting polymer electrolyte that could lead to safer, higher density and longer-lasting batteries for electric vehicles and grid energy storage.

Vietnam Develops Plans to Accelerate Digital Transformation

The Prime Minister has assigned specific tasks to several ministries to boost digital transformation efforts. So far, 30.07% of small and medium-sized enterprises use digital platforms and 75% of households have broadband Internet access.

India Launches Electronic Systems Degree

The programme aims to meet the growing demand for skilled graduates in the electronics and embedded manufacturing sector. The course will be taught online, with in-person exams. There is no limit on the number of seats available.

Taiwan Promotes 5G AIoT Innovation Park

The Asia New Bay Area 5G AIoT Innovation Park will focus on industrial development, talent cultivation, R&D subsidies and field application and has attracted domestic and foreign investment, generating over a billion in production value.