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3 Keys to Ensuring a Successful UPS Modernization Project [OG Partner]

As part of your annual UPS maintenance routine (you do have a UPS maintenance routine, right?), you may find a number of UPSs that could do with some updating, whether that means a firmware upgrade, replacing certain components or swapping them out for new models. In this post, I’ll offer up some keys to ensuring a successful UPS modernization project.

Perform a UPS needs assessment The first order of business is to assess your current and future UPS needs. In general, you want to size your UPSs appropriately, to provide adequate run time for the loads they need to protect. In many cases, companies install UPSs and leave lots of room for growth. Should that growth never materialize, you’ve now got a UPS that is inefficient. Older UPSs become very energy inefficient when they are lightly loaded. And with 2N systems, they are lightly loaded by definition. This inefficiency is a waste of money. Newer UPSs maintain high efficiency at lower loads. This is something to consider when evaluating whether to buy new or not.

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