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Game changer: Indonesia Quarantine Full Automation System

Ministry of Agriculture’s IQFAST chosen as the Top 45 Public Service Innovations 2020; Image credits: karantina.pertanian.go.id

The Ministry of Agriculture’s Indonesia Quarantine Full Automation System (IQFAST) innovation from the Agricultural Quarantine Agency (Barantan) is to be the Top 45 Public Service Innovations in 2020 as announced by the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic (PANRB) online.

The Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo, had presented the Barantan’s application directly to the Sinovik independent jury. He was of the opinion that this initiative was at the forefront of public service innovation.

The Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpo appreciated the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Ministry for organizing this competition as part of realizing an advanced Indonesia.

IQFAST made the coveted list after surpassing approximately 2,250 proposals from various ministries, institutions, BUMNs (state-owned enterprises) and BUMDs (provincially- or municipal-owned corporations) that entered and had passed the administrative selection stage and by an independent panel team.

Head of Barantan said the innovation was designed to be able to provide the widest possible opportunity for agripreneurs; providing information and inspiration for business and exports in agriculture.

The strategic position of Barantan is not only as a guardian for protecting agricultural resources but maintaining the smooth flow of goods at the port.  It encourages the export of agricultural commodities considering that barriers are now no longer tariff-related but more on health aspects, namely sanitary and phytosanitary requirements. As such, quarantine systems strengthen the agri-sector both domestically and in cooperation with partner countries.

IQFAST is a digital innovation within export services. The digitisation of quarantine operations is a strategic choice that ensures accuracy, acceleration of services and health insurance and safety of products.

IQFAST is a large quarantine information system used by all quarantine technical units throughout Indonesia. This system makes it possible to monitor the flow of agricultural commodity traffic in real-time. This system is the starting point for the future development of quarantine big data. The Barantan staff have made preparations for structuring the cyber-physical system in the industrial 4.0 era. There are four steps it does:

First, structuring data using the Cloud Data Archive. It allows data to be managed electronically in a secure, validated and controlled manner.

Second, the use of a Quarantine Blank Certificate in paperless and digitally verified operational activities with the hope of being realized in the near future.

Thirdly, the development of e-traceability audits. This traceability check can reduce the rejection of agricultural product commodities in export destination countries.

Lastly, empowering structuring IQFAST data analysis. This step is to support import control policies.

Currently, besides focusing on automating services for service users through PPK Online (request for online quarantine inspection), IQFAST is also developing information on agricultural commodity maps.

IMACE is expected to provide updated information regarding agricultural commodities which are currently on an upward trend, including areas of origin and potential export destination countries. This is expected to open up opportunities for agribusiness actors to increase export and investment opportunities.

Apart from IMACE, IQFAST is also developing and increasing electronic certificate cooperation with partner countries so that it guarantees the acceptance of export products.

They are also working on a smooth flow of goods, both imports and exports, as well as the development of priority routes. In this plan, IQFAST system will provide a special route for compliant service users. Such users will receive priority services in the form of no physical inspection so that goods can immediately leave the port.

Barantan was committed to maintaining public services and any challenges with IQFAST and/or other Barantan services could be conveyed through various options such as social media, email, technical service unit offices and aid centres.

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